GDPR-expert, a unique tool to analyze the new EU Regulation on personal data

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For each provision of the GDPR, we'll show you :

  • the corresponding provision in the (former) Directive;
  • the corresponding provision in the country you have selected;
  • an analysis of the "Existing position";
  • an analysis of the "Future position";
  • an analysis of "Potential issues".

Also, for each provision, you may display/hide :

  • the first and second proposals of EU Regulation;
  • the relevant recital(s).

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Being a tightly knit group of legal peers and friends across Europe, we can ensure that your needs will be met in a timely manner, with minimal transaction cost, and that your case is handled by the representatives of our trusted network that best fit the task at hand. If you like you can choose a "one face to the customer" approach and contact our president. Or you can choose to contact one of our members directly.

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Credit. Initally, this tool has been developped by the team of Ulys law firm (a member of the Group), under the supervision of M. Leonard, in French and Belgian laws. The Group has enlarged the scope of the database to additional countries.